Upgrading Magento can be a tricky business, each step can lead to days of headaches. Magefox has come through 100’s of Magento upgrades from ver 1.3 to the latest version 1.9.  We know all those little intracacies that can stop your progress and leave you pulling your hair out. The latest version of Magento is no different. Each new release poses new obstacles and hurdles. New features sometimes have to be accounted for in theming and old features that have been discontinued can give you problems in post upgrade.

Magefox works on a logical upgrade process that will always leave your live site safe and running. Here are a few of the features:

  • We inventory your site before we start: We will look through your themes, modules and local overrides, then give you a report on how those items will impact your live site.
  • Complete off server upgrades: This ensures that no part of the upgrade process will bring down your live site. It is true that larger upgrades could take 24 hours to complete! The server stress can slow down your live site and slow down the upgrade process. We place you upgrade on a dedicated upgrade server. Larger upgrades can be put on “Mega” servers with multiple cores and gigabytes of RAM!
  • Documented procedure: Since we have done so many upgrades, we already have a procedure in place to account for each step in the process. We go through this check list one step at a time to ensure your site meets highest standards that Magento offers.
  • Experience: We have experience in upgrading both CE and EE Magento websites.

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us and start upgrade your store now.