How to make multi-lang CMS pages

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Hello community,

I’ve seen full of topic on this subject, and i search myself for long time to make CMS multilang pages…

Make Multi-lang CMS isn’t difficult when we know how to do … In this example I explain how to make 2 diférent page named “My store”, who are made to explain what is my store’s aim in the 3 default languages (English, French & German).

The situation is the default one, i have a one website named “Default Website”, a store named “Default store” and 3 Store view called “English”, “French” and “German”.

  • 1) The first step is going in admin area, and in the cms page magagement page.


  • 2) Here we are! You have to make the first CMS page; To do this you must click on “Add new Page”.
  • 3) Fill the form with the “title of the page” and the “Content of the page”
  • 4) Now you have to choose an “SEF URL Identifier” for the page, in my case i choose ‘MYSTORE’…
  • 5) It stay one thing to fill, it’s the most interessante one, you have one select called “Store View” with one Store view. don’t let it on “Default store view!!!

Good Job, you have made your first CMS Page in only one lang.

For create the pages for other langages I just redo the steps 1 to 4 (important: USE THE SAME URL Identifier!!), and for the last step (5) you must choose one other langage by page.

That’s Done !! 🙂

Hope that can help Someone 🙂

Source http://www.magentocommerce.com/wiki