How to create an attribute set

By April 9, 2012 No Comments

For adding a new product attribute set you should:

1. Log in to the Magento admin panel
2. Click the “Catalog” tab in the Magento admin main menu.
3. Select “Attributes” and click “Manage Attribute Sets”. Here you can see the “Manage Attribute Sets” page. The only available attribute set is “Default”.

4. Click “Add New Set”
5. Type the name of your attribute set
6. Select the attribute set that will be the base for the new one. At the moment only “Default” is available.
7. Click the “Save Attribute Set” button

You can edit the attribute set more specifically. In the first column you can see all the attributes that are already included into your attribute set. All these attributes are the values that should be specified when you add a new product. Some of them are marked with a minus in a red circle. This means that this attribute cannot be removed and it is required. All the other ones can be removed. In the second column you can find the attributes that were not included into the current attribute set. To include the attribute into the set or remove it from the set, just drag it to the necessary  column.

For using the attribute set you should:

1. Add a new simple product. Go to the “Catalog -> Manage Products” page and click “Add Product”
2. Here you can select the attribute set for your new product.