How do I import or export my MySQL database using SSH

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Your MySQL databases can be administered through an SSH session via command line (especially if you have large sized data to import/export). To access your account using SSH you must subscribe to a hosting plan that supports this feature.

Enable SSH for your account:

  1. Login to your Netfirms Control Panel.
  2. Click Hosting.
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select Enable in the SSH pull-down menu.

We suggest using Putty to connect to your account as it is a freely available SSH client for windows.

SSH connections can be established with the following login credentials:

  • Username: Your Netfirms member name.
  • Password: Your Netfirms account password.
  • Host: membername.netfirms.com (port 22).

Connecting to the MySQL shell

To connect to a mysql database via a SSH session: (where [Username] is the database username, [Password] is the database password and [DatabaseID] is the database id):

mysql -u[Username] -p[Password] [DatabaseID]

Note: Your mysql Username, Password, DatabaseID information may be retrieved from the Netfirms Control Panel

Importing a .sql file into your database

To import a .sql file to an existing mysql database hosted on your account:

/usr/local/nf/bin/mysql -hmysqlhost -u[Username] -p[Password] [DatabaseID] < backupFile.sql

For example:

/usr/local/nf/bin/mysql -hmysqlhost -uu12345678 -psecret d12345678 < backupFile.sql

Note: If you encounter a “max_questions” error, you should redo your mysql backup using the -e switch as in the example above. Then try the import command again.

Exporting your MySQL database

/usr/local/nf/bin/mysqldump -e -hmysqlhost -u[Username] -p[Password] [DatabseID] > dbBackupFile.sql

For example:

/usr/local/nf/bin/mysqldump -e -hmysqlhost -uu12345678 -psecret d12345678 > backupFile.sql